Dinner in under 20 minutes

Broiling is a cooking mode that has been dominated by grilling or bbq.

The problem is that a broiler can set off the smoked alarm, or dry out your food.

Broiling in a steam oven is a feature of the Gaggenau, Thermador and Miele Combi-Steam ovens.

The benefit is, unlike restaurant broiled food, you do not have to add tons of butter or fat to the food while cooking.

The top deck searing can take place with humidity in the oven to help retain moisture without the need of excessive fats.

The wall oven are equipped with internal cooling fans to keep the oven from heating your cabinet along with internally filtering the smoke. This means you are less likely to set off the smoke alarm 😉

In this recipe I simply cooked prepared kebobs at Whole Foods that were already marinated. Whether you purchase prepared food or do the work yourself the benefits of steam in the oven provides moist and crispy results. For an added crispy or grill mark place the rack over the solid pan into the oven on the middle rack and set the oven on Broil with humidity. When the oven is up to temperature (I use 425˚f) place the food on the hot rack to produce grill marks.

Depending on the size of your kebobs it may take longer for thicker portions but keep the rack at the middle level. In this video below I set my timer for 10 minutes but actually turned them over after 8 and cooked for about 3 minutes longer.

Serve over a salad to keep the meal healthy and easy to prepare. Also if you have leftovers, the reheat setting on the Steam oven provides excellent results even a day or two later.

Video Cooking Kebobs in a Steam Oven

Rack of Lamb in Convection

Sometimes cooking a roast, steak or chops can get dried out when cooking on a grill or broiler. After you initially sear the meat, cooking in a convection oven can achieve a fantastic result.

It keeps the moisture inside the meat and the smoke and smell from filling up in your kitchen.

I have a recipe for cooking a rack of lamb in my Cook Book, Convection Cooking for the Home Chef

The link below is a video of cooking a rack of lamb in a convection steam. If you are worried about getting the temperature just right, try a meat probe with an internal temperature of 132˚f for medium rare. Add 5˚ for each doneness higher but please don’t cook it well.

In this video I cooked in the Wolf Steam oven that is equipped with a meat probe for convenience of accuracy. After you remove from the oven allow the roast to rest for a few minutes before cutting.

Serve with a vinaigrette or demi glaze.

Rack of Lamb Video


Broiled Salmon with Kimchi

Nobody Broils dinner anymore. Most people like to grill.

When trying to prepare a broiled dish at home using a residential stove broiler can produce less than desirable results.

A typical 30″ Gas range has a better searing effect than many electric ranges.  When you cook with many of todays luxury brand wall ovens and dual fuel electric ovens, the broiler has multi-pass element that provide an excellent high heat.

When I worked in a restaurant during high school several of the items on the menu were broiled. We had shish kebob, shaslik, broiled haddock, shrimp, scrod, scallop…typical New England fair, you get the point.

Many restaurants are successful with these dishes because they are flavorful and perceived ‘healthy’ since it’s not fried in oil. But… most restaurants add a lot of butter during the cooking process.

A commercial broiler which is typically gas powered, has a high that provides searing that is better than most grills. Since it does not flare up you don’t get the noted carcinogens associated with grilling over an open flame that produces Heterocyclic Amines (Certainly more studies have to be done to all types of cooking methods using high heat and searing proteins in the process).

How can you prepare a broiled dish without all the added fats?

The Gaggenau Combi-Steam oven has a Broil feature called Grill with Humidity that incorporates moisture with heat from a infrared broiler under glass.


This dish is a simple preparation of Salmon Steaks with prepared Kimchi showcases the ease of cooking with this method. The purpose is to show how fast and easy it is to broil although please understand positioning of the pan for even cooking. I placed the pan into the oven during the heating process to provide a sear to the steak when placed on the rack. Be careful when remove the hot pan from the oven and place on your stove top with the vent hood on. Slowly add some hot water to the pan to loosen up any burnt on dripping.


Video of broiling Salmon with humidity


Healthy Dinner in under 30 Minutes

Steam is a healthy way to cook, but can be a bit boring and flavorless.

Poaching Fish or Chicken in a Steam oven is far easier than on the stove top. The fish doesn’t break apart, and there’s no need to dirty a cook top, nor add excessive heat to the kitchen.

This Dinner is Poached Halibut along with Jasmine Rice and Green Beans. I lightly season the Fish with Lemon but by experimenting with the addition of stock (for instance fish, vegetable, chicken, or  homemade) or White Wine, you can achieve an Amazing Dish.

Don’t be tempted to smother the Fish in Sauce or dressing. Add a touch of flavoring but skip additional fats since the steam is going to bring out the natural flavors and the combinations to make a great meal.

You can easily substitute another cut of Fish such as Sea Bass, Snapper, Mahi-Mahi or Salmon. Cook a rice that typically takes around 20 minutes and vegetables that are similar in density to beans such as Asparagus or Broccoli.

Video of Steam Oven 30 Minute Meal



The Best Way to Reheat Leftovers

I don’t like to Hate anything.

The word Hate produces wasted energy but when I hear “I hate leftovers and just throw them out” it drives me nuts.

Listen, either some chef, a cook, your mom a friend or You went through the trouble of making this food. It cost either You or Someone some money. If it was good, you still had some remaining, went through the effort of bringing it home and placed it in the refrigerator, why not ‘Like’ it?

Back to me rolling my eyes on reheating in a microwave. I know many do this but seriously, the results are terrible and produce the Hate Flavor and Consistency.

Certainly the heat up time is quick since most plates of food average about 3 1/2 minutes but with uneven results.

When food is placed in the refrigerator, it takes a while to bring it down to temperature and in the process it begins to loose some moisture. The dryness only gets worse when using the microwave to heat it up since the microwave heats the remaining moisture, can evaporate it and dry out your food.

Using the Steam or Humidity along with the Convection heat breaks down the cold barrier and introduces enough moisture to ‘refresh’ your food.

In this video below, I reheated grilled chicken in which is famous for being dry the next day when you are trying to heat a quick lunch or dinner.

I placed it in for 8 minutes but it was really ready in about 6. Most dishes take about that long but keep in mind that thicker portions like Lasagna or bone in chicken need a more time.

You can simply place either the food onto the pan that came with your oven or use a oven safe plate on the oven rack. (Check the take away container your food was packed in because many can safely heat in an oven up to 325˚f) Select the Reheat Mode and adjust the temperature if necessary. Steam Convection ovens are preset at 250˚f and can go up to 325˚f. Most food is fine at 250˚f but will just take a few minutes longer. When reheating breads and pizza, set the oven on before you place the food in.

If your oven has a Meat Probe, place it into the food and set to an internal temperature of 165˚f . If you are reheating leftover beef that was cooked to medium rare or medium then set the probe to 140˚f. This takes the guesswork from determine if it is properly heated through.

Video of Reheating Food in a Steam Oven

Blueberry Cherry Crumble

Blueberry Cherry Crumble Video

Summertime fruits and vegetables, when the harvest is good, provide many amazing and inspirational recipes.

Currently in New England, Blueberries and Cherries are readily available and are great for Pie or in this case, a simple Crumble.

I had a craving for butterscotch with peanut butter that started when my mom used to make Rice Crispy Treats with that combination. I wanted to use the same recipe as a topping but felt that the Crispies with peanut butter would burn. I thought of mixing a standard streusel topping of sugar, flour and butter combined with peanut butter and butterscotch chips. This is easy but maybe too many steps so I supplemented Granola.

Many times when clients want to learn how to use appliance features, I try to simplify as best as possible. Certainly anyone can read recipes and Use & Care Manuals but sometimes life gets in the way.

Butterscotch Chips taste great but the ingredients including Artificial Flavor are no longer my chips of choice. I replaced them with a caramel sauce.

Every grocery store has prepared caramel sauce (or you could make some) and most households have peanut butter in the cupboard.

Combining these with Granola make a tasty crumble topping that works great in this recipe as well as on top a muffin.

Keep in Mind the Convection Fan intensifies the heat so bake at 325°f and remove the crumble once the fruits starts to bubble up.

This recipe can be prepared using Standard Bake Mode at 350°f with a longer cooking time.

Roasted Brussels Sprouts & Pancetta

Video of Brussels Sprouts in Steam Convection oven

Whenever I mention Roasting food in a Steam Oven I get the same response:

“Isn’t it going to be gray and wet?”

Food would have that appearance if you are poaching in Steam Mode but when you combine with Convection, the oven temperature is set high enough to Brown the food that you are cooking. The bursts of steam help retain moisture to the food so that it doesn’t loose as much volume as when traditionally cooking in a Dry Heat Oven.

The increase of humidity in the oven also helps speed up the cooking time.

I recommend keeping your temperature the same as the recipe but reduce the time by 25-30%.

Remember to cut your vegetables in similar sizes, although softer vegetables should be cut larger than dense ones to produce even results.  If softer vegetables are cooking too much, add a bit of vegetable stock or wine to the pan.

In this recipe I cooked the vegetables on the pan that came with the Steam Oven. You can also cook on a pan on the rack set into the oven. Metal will produce different results than Glass cookware.

If you have a 1/4 size sheet pan that is thick such as a USA Pan, the pan helps produce nice browning and crispiness. Also, it won’t bend like an aluminum pan and cleans up very easily.




Sous Vide Chicken Recipe

Video of Sous Vide Mode in a Gaggenau Steam Oven

Cooking proteins and vegetables using the Sous Vide Mode in the Gaggenau Combi Steam oven is easy, convenient and safe.

Simply Vacuum Seal your food or use a Freezer Style Zip Seal bag such as Ziplock© and place the food on the Perforated pan or on the rack in the center of the oven. Food cooking times vary and I will provide times for my recipes. Typically most items need about 90 minutes. Lighter proteins such as Seafood take under an hour.

The best thing about cooking using sous vide is that you do not have to consume the food right away.

Simple use the ice bath method to store the food in the refrigerator for later use. I had successful results with a T-Bone steak seven days after cooking, using the reheat mode at a low temp then simply searing the steak in a cast iron pan.

There are great resources online for Sous Vide Recipes for the counter top appliance that I have followed using the Steam oven with Excellent results. Some adjustments I suggest would be to add 20 minutes when cooking denser vegetables such as carrots, parsnips, turnips and beets.

The following video I cooked Bone In Chicken Breast which, I believe has more flavor than Boneless and costs less.

Boneless Skinless would work fine in this recipe and if you don’t want the butter, substitute it with Earth Balance or Olive Oil.

Gaggenau Steam Oven 25 Minute Meal

Steaming in a Gaggenau Oven Video

Here is a simple dinner that can be prepared in the Steam oven. This is a Healthy option for a simple meal one or two nights a week. Follow this method and change up the protein or vegetables.

I am always asked about how to use a Steam oven beyond vegetables and wontons.

Here is a recipe for Rice with Steamed Haddock with mini bell peppers that are quite popular today at the local markets. I added a touch of white wine, low sodium vegetable broth, tomato and lime with the peppers creating a wonderful dish that is low in fat but high in Flavor.

Set your Oven to Steam with 100% Humidity.

I used basmati rice and heated the water first, but it does not need to be boiling (you can use hot tap water). Follow the recommended ratio, typically 2:1 liquid to rice along with some spices like bay leaf or herbs. Place this mix into the half size pan and into the oven on the top rack. Set your timer for 8 minutes.

Prepare the fish with the skin side down in the pan and season with salt, pepper, a dash of white wine (fume or sauvignon blanc) and a squeeze of lime juice. Cover with bell peppers, tomatoes and place into the lower rack level when the timer goes off. Then set a new timer for 10 minutes.

I left the rack space in between if you wanted to add some asparagus or broccoli in the perforated pan.

This preparation, as you can see in the video, I served the fish with rice and a light green salad.

Bon Appetite!

Broiling In a Gaggenau Steam Oven

Broiled Scrod/ a New England Classic

Broil with Gaggenau Steam Oven Video

I cooked this recipe to showcase the versatility of a Steam oven by Gaggenau.

The oven uses plumbed water and only adds the necessary amount into the oven while cooking. Typically we think of Steam for Vegetables, Poaching Fish or Chicken, Dumplings and cooking Shellfish.

It is a healthy alternative to dry heat cooking that typically requires the addition of excessive oil or butter including additional fat to your food. A dish such as Broiled Fish many times when prepared, maybe swimming in Butter.

“OKAY What’s the problem with That?” you may ask.

Fat is flavor and yes it is a great way to enhance your food but perhaps not for every seated meal.

The Gaggenau Steam Convection Oven has a Recessed Broil Element under Glass (See photo). This element produces an Excellent Sear to your food. Using this for fish with the addition of Steam allows the Chef to prepare the dish without the additional of excessive fat from oil or butter. If you wish to add any oil just to increase the crispy topping use it sparingly. The benefit to Fish is that this cooking Mode allows a nice brown top result without drying out your creation. 😉


2 lbs Scrod

1/4 cup Pesto

2/3 cup Plain Bread Crumbs

2 Tbls Dijon

1 tsp Kosher Salt

1/2 tsp Cracked Pepper

Juice from 1/2 Lemon

Optional: Burrata Cheese


Turn on oven to the Mode Grill with Humidity 2nd Level with temperature set at 400˚F

Place Fish in the Solid Baking Pan. Season fish with salt, pepper and dijon. Evenly Spread the pesto over the top of the fillets, top with Bread Crumbs and lemon juice. Place into oven and set timer for 8 minutes. Remove from oven and top with Burrata and back into oven for a few minutes to melt the cheese.

Remove, plate and enjoy!


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