Who uses self cleaning in the Oven?

Here is a shot of a typical oven.

Most people don’t want to use self-cleaning cycle for a few reasons:

  • heats up the kitchen
  • takes too long
  • seems dangerous
  • stinks
  • forget to do it

Well, if you have a new oven, many have cooling fans that negates the danger aspect.

If you have a newer wall oven, they have a filter that helps to alleviate the smell and smoke that gets into the kitchen.

The stink aspect is what should trigger all of us to clean the oven. If you have experience using wood chips on a grill, then you understand that smoke inputs a flavor into the food you are grilling. The same is true in your oven.

That burnt cheese that fell off your lasagna last week, can create a burnt smokey flavor in your brownies tonight.

Take the time to clean your oven.


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