Combi-Steam Oven

One of my favorite appliances in my kitchen, is the Gaggenau Combi-Steam Oven.

By the title you can decipher that it steams. Duh!

When you think of steaming food, first thought are vegetables or shellfish. Not too exciting. Although it is a healthier option than frying or even boiling those nutrients out of your veggies. The results are amazing. More flavorful and you can control the texture to your preference.

Steaming to reheat is a weekly task in our kitchen. To reheat with water is better than re-heating with microwave. The microwave can remove moisture, this oven uses moisture to heat the oven with some flexibility at your finger tips. You can control moisture levels and temperature. This can allow you to keep the crispy items from getting soggy and the moist items from drying out.

Convection with or without moisture depends on the food that you are cooking. Roasts, breads, casseroles all are fantastic.

I will keep this category updated with what come out of my oven. Stay Tuned!


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