When NOT to use Convection

Convection Cooking isn’t new technology. (oh thank you Kurt for that brainstorm statement!)

Most people who have it in their oven never use it. According to manufacturers’ Use & Care Manuals you can use that cooking mode for everything. 

Sure you can, but you may get results that go here

Try staying with the Bake mode for cakes. The batter needs the delicate surround of heat and not the variable flow that is provided by convection. 

Below are some Chocolate Cakes that I baked in Convection. 

No I didn’t throw them out!

Once I covered them in frosting they were fine. But they are individual size.  If you are baking in a standard pan you may not like the results. See how the tops are cracked?

This happens because convection heat dries out the top of the batter before the ingredients start to work their magic in the center.

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