Fire the dishwasher!

Has this ever happened to You?

Sometimes things get out of hand. Perhaps your dishwasher doesn’t like you, refuses to work and is on strike.

What else can you do but rip it out of your kitchen, load it into the Civic and drop it off at the retail store where you bought it? ( I vaguely remember a situation with a Gateway computer that ended like this)

Perhaps you should check into what you are buying before you have it delivered and installed.

Look up the installation requirements first. Check out everything in the install area before purchase, such as the cut out and the hook ups. If the proper requirements are not in place it can lead to problems.

If the floor isn’t level (which is the case in many older homes) or the unit isn’t installed properly, efficient water flow and mechanics of a machine may not live up to their potential.

Another problem could be that your purchase did not match your expectations. If you see nice features on a piece at your friend’s house or at the local showroom kitchen, make certain that you compare apples to apples when you decide what it best for you.

Your time spent dealing with the aftermath is time & money wasted. Plan ahead or reach out to me.

This way you don’t end up with dish pan hands and an unexplained hole in the kitchen.


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