Where are you going for New Years eve?

New Years eve is a great night.

You get to look back on last year and hope you don’t repeat the same mistakes. Ha!

So here’s to a Happy New Year!

Okay, want to have a great new years?

Stay home. Yes I said it. Sorry restaurants but it’s amateurs night. As long as You the regular can put up with average at best service, stay away. It is generally a fiasco when it comes to serving a good prefix with a two or three seating. Most of the time the One-timers that don’t come out but once a year get in your way to a perfect dinner at your favorite eatery. They don’t know what good food or service is so they will be happy and drunk while you and yours will be wishing you were some where else.

My peers may give me the WTF but it is reality. If they were not working they wouldn’t go out to dinner on New Years Eve.

Now if you are going out, that is a different story. Perhaps go to your favorite hang for apps and rounds one or two, but move on after that. If you hang around long enough you will get too drunk, spend too much and may get pissed off by those around you having a great 1st night out.

Those of you in the city can walk to a local hang and let it all out at 12 till. Those in the suburbs, don’t get behind the wheel. Stay home enjoy pop acts on TV that you never get a chance to listen to (or may never listen to again).

Here’s to a new year!


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