Dream Kitchen turns to Nightmare

When you look through magazines or walk into a kitchen designer’s showroom you may get inspired by wonderful displays and amazing appliances.

So the seed gets planted and you begin to imagine your kitchen transformed from ‘Drab to Fab’ (to borrow an overused phrase).

But here are a few things to consider regarding a new kitchen:

Utilities– do you have enough power for what you want?

Cabinets– millions of designs, colors, quality, are you going to have enough storage space?

Kitchen Demolition– this can lead to more expenses and delays than you realize

Lighting – choose style or function?

Ventilation– Do you still smell the fish you cooked 3 days ago lingering in your house?

Flooring– Hopefully it is strong enough to hold the weight of that new Refrigerator

Sinks and faucets– This should be an easy choice (but it isn’t)

Appliances– if you haven’t been to a retail store or gone online to look at these, it is like choosing what to wear to a party that you don’t know is casual or formal

That only touches on a few considerations. What about selecting a contractor?



Yes, it’s a nightmare.

Keep in mind those wonderful showrooms and magazine photos have been put together with a lot of talent, time and money.

If you have it or can hire it – fantastic. If not follow the KISS rule.

Remembering to keep it simple stupid to avoid the anxiety attack.

This is achievable

In the future I will add some client experiences and ask a few experts to share their advice.

If you have some please share.

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