Bring Back the Glass Top Mason Jar

Okay perhaps you’re not going to start making preserves or pickled beets anytime soon, but you should.  It seems as though every day an article on health issues regarding something we eat appears.

Guess what!

This is another one.

Canning of food and beverage has been around longer than any of us.

Cans are great. They look cool, stack easy, ship well, cost efficient so what’s the problem?

A few years back people got botulism from bacteria build up in cans. So industry figured a solution, plastic lining. Problem solved.


Guess what?

A new problem, BPA or Bisphenol A. That was the stuff people talked about a few years ago and it was suggested to not use plastic wrap or containers in the microwave.

Outlawed in Canada and in Europe for use in baby bottles. This product is a polymer that is in all canned foods and thermal paper receipts (unless listed No BPA on the container). It is proven to leach into the food and results show high levels are in our bodies. Linking to obesity, neurological issues, diabetes, health issues during pregnancy and birth defects just to name a few.


I’ll spare you the details as to why they are still used in the USA and get to the point.

Consume only things that are fresh, organic, free range, minimally processed, no growth hormones, food items packaged in glass or labeled ‘No BPA’, whenever you can.

“But That stuff is expensive” you say.

It is worth the expense. In the 1950’s average US household spent 6% on healthcare and 29.7% on food.†

Guess what?

Today we spend 38% on healthcare* and 19% on food**. Think about that.

Again, I’ll spare you the details as to why.

You body is truly the only thing that you own. No liens, mortgages, notes against.

Stop worrying about buying the best internet connection. It wont save your life.

What you put in your body will.

Check out this blog for some great information

† US Bureau of Labor Statistics

* Milliman Research Report, (employer contribution not deducted)

** USDA Center for Nutrition Policy & Promotion


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