The best cook top maybe Two sticks, Kindling and a Pan

     +  = DINNER

There are hundreds of options out in the market place for your kitchen appliance choice.

There are all sorts of burner caps that distribute heat in a way that the description can tempt you into believing that you MUST HAVE THIS IN YOUR HOME.

Here is my observation.

Through the years that I have been testing home cooking appliances, many brands have offered, in their opinion, the Best in some sort of category. Best is something that is personally preferred. What is Best for one person maybe a Worst for the next.

It is hard to provide the high output burner for the home chef with all the bells and whistles.

Many times I have heard “Why don’t they make one that has an…” – excellent high heat, a low simmer, easy to clean, light weight grates, heavy steady grates, sealed only, open burner, semi sealed, small burner for the smaller pan, a top that doesn’t scratch, a top that is easy to clean, a top that you don’t have to clean, a star burner, a dual flame burner, a multi flame burner, a single burner that sends the flame in various directions, even heat distribution from the burner, a burner that easily comes apart to clean, a burner that doesn’t come apart so no pieces are lost, color top, black top only, stainless steel top, glass top, etc. I believe you get the point.

For anyone who has worked in a food service kitchen, you know that you get a high heat and you don’t necessarily care about the rest.

When high heat requests translate to the Home Appliance Marketplace, it stumbles upon a few more road blocks such as the requirements that allow it to be installed in the home. Someone cannot just go to a restaurant supply store or an auction and get a true professional piece of equipment and install it in the home.

Don’t get me wrong, I know people who have done this. What they don’t understand or believe would happen is they could have a fire in the home. The radiant heat coming from the cook surface may heat a wall and create a fire within the wall in homes with old wood frames. Not to mention the fact that many true pro range tops have a lit pilot that can go out and fill the kitchen with gas. Most restaurants have ventilation that allows this gas to escape. This is a safe provision but not necessarily the most cost effective. Professional kitchens also have a fire protection system that can kick on in the event of an open fire. This is generally cost prohibitive for the home.

Bottom line is that understand the industry is smart and has been at this for a while. They have great people working on the latest and greatest to get you what you need. Just try to select the best for your kitchen and understand that you can’t always have everything. If you are overwhelmed, you can always go into your yard, rub two sticks together and create a fire. Add a skillet and your in business.


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