Raspberry Sauce

I got a deal at the local market. 50¢ per pint. There are only so many raspberries you can eat before you get sick of them. Yes, a pie should have been the go to on using these up but they were just on the border of delicious & mush.

I rinsed and air-dried the raspberries.

Placed them into the Food process to blend.


Strained into a sauce pan. Tip: use a ladle to push through the strainer.


Heated them up with a pinch of salt and Agave Nectar to sweeten just to taste.

Using two tablespoons of cornstarch and some of the puree to blend, to thicken the sauce.

Now what to do?

I used the sauce as a plate garnish, a vinaigrette, to sweeten & color whip cream, creme brulee, chocolate cupcakes. The possibilities are endless.

The sauce can freeze but you will need to bring it back to heat since the cornstarch may chunk up when you thaw it out for use. So freeze it in small batches or use a vacuum seal.

Let me know any of your ideas for raspberry sauce.


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