Beef Brisket, an Irish Dinner?

This is an easy one for those who can put a pot on the stove top, add a few ingredients and leave it alone for a while.

Are you up for the challenge?

You don’t have to be Irish to enjoy this easy dinner. You just have to be a patient cook.

Ok first hit the market to get the following ingredients. Now the only curve-ball may be that when you get a brisket they are offered as Flat or Point.

One is cheaper than the other. That is lean versus fatty cut. My advise is get one of each. better flavor, great yield and if you happen to have leftovers, they hold well.


Beef brisket as stated, one Point & one Flat (throw out the seasoning packs that are included in the packages)

4 pack Stout Beer

3 bay leaves

4 Tablespoons Whole grain Mustard (don’t cheap out & use yellow mustard)

1 white onion, peeled and cut in quarters

4 carrots, peeled and diced large

4 parsnips, peeled and diced large

2 purple top turnips, peeled, diced 1″ cubes

1 large AP potato, peeled and diced 2″ cubes

1 head savoy cabbage, peel outer leaves, remove core and slice 1″ slices

Salt & pepper to taste


Remove brisket from package and drain in sink. Rub with mustard and put in a large pot. Add beer and bay leaves. Cover with water. Place a lid on top. Crank on the heat. When you reach a boil, turn the heat to low. Add onion and cover with the lid off slightly so it does not cover the pot entirely and lets stem escape.

Wait  3 hours and add turnips, carrots,potato and parsnips. After 15 minutes add cabbage. Cook until meat is fork tender.

Remove from pot and slice up only enough meat that will be served (it will dry out once it is removed from broth). Add vegetables and some broth to plate.

Add salt & pepper after you taste it. You may like the flavor without.

Accompany with extra mustard or horseradish with pickles.

This is a brisket that I cooked in the Wolf Convection Steam Oven, while testing it out. I separated the veggies from the meat. I basted the veggies with some of the broth from the brisket.


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