Is Fat a Problem, I thought that Fat was flavor?

Recent local legislation, has proposed a law prohibiting school fundraisers from using candy and fresh baked goods to combat fat.


How do you respond to this knee jerk response?


or is it


Everyday a new opt-ed piece comes out about obesity and diabeties.

Can stopping kids from baking cupcakes supress obesity levels?

“But there is fat in the frosting and the batter,” you say.

What is the real problem?

Okay admittedly I have not researched those in the know who have proposed this and their facts to bring this baking injustice to light.

Should I?

Here are a few realities about our healthy and diet:

We live a fast, get it done quickly, lifestyle.

We all work too hard.

We don’t have time to sit down and make dinner and spend time with the family.

Many drink and eat from fast food establishments, habitually.

90 % of processed food contain sugar. (just look at any random label in your kitchen)

More than half of processed food contain GMO’s.

Here is a good blog for further details

A few posts ago I described BpA in plastics and in cans that we consume everyday. Simultaneously I reached out to our water service to inquired about Bpa in the water jug. Response: I found out that the current container is Bpa free but they were going to go back to using the containers with Bpa because they are cheaper. OH, YAH!

I reached out to a tuna manufacturer about their use of Bpa in a can of food that the food is cooked in. The can is leaching the Bpa into the edible product.

Respnse: They said that the FDA safe levels have been approved and so, status quo. DOUBLE YAH!

USA Today article

There was a recent story on 60 minutes in which a Doctor told of our addiction to sugar and its health risks, i.e. diabeties.

Our Response: Nothing! or better yet, did a Kardashian just do something?….

I think perhaps we should think before we consume anything. But life sometimes takes over and we feel like we don’t have time to.

This a great link to a blog from  in which covers processed food in our body

Processed vs. Unprocessed foods: a look into your intestines.

What is the real problem?

I’ll take fresh baked vs manufactured any day of the week.

You need a little fat in your food for flavor. Bottom line is if you over indulge in anything, it isn’t good for you. Except, perhaps, baking at home with your kids.


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