Boneless Pork Loin on Rotisserie

There are a few options when using your Rotisserie on your grill or in your oven.

In the oven, the heat source is generally the top broiler unit so set your temperatures on the lower side. Usually the thermostat may read between 400˚- 550˚F. The lower temperature is preferred for a larger roast so as to not burn the outside by the time the center has cooked through.

For this recipe I used an outdoor grill. Many of the grills only have one setting when it comes to Rotisserie temperature. The difference could be there are two setting for the spit rod one on high and one on low. The thickness of the roast can determine which to use so your roast doesn’t hit the grill grates as it is spinning around.

Do Not forget to set a pan beneath the roast so you have some drippings to use if you want to make a sauce or season vegetables. The pan beneath also keeps the grates from getting trashed unnecessarily.

If you want to cook ‘Low & Slow’ that may become your favorite. This method is ideal if you are going to add smoke wood chips to the grill for an amazing flavor.

If you are cooking for tonight’s dinner, there still is some planning for an optimum flavor. A marinade can provide an excellent flavor enhancement. place the roast in the marinade in the morning and when you cook it for dinner your will appreciate the results.

If you are on the fly you can use a dry rub spice for an alternative flavor.

For a boneless pork loin, you have options as to what side the roast had been cut from. The thicker side should be tied with butchers twine to keep the cut uniform for cooking and slicing.

I used the smaller end of the loin so I did not tie it (okay I was lazy)


3 lb. Boneless Pork Loin


1/2 cup water

1 dried chili pepper

4 tablespoon grape seed or canola oil

3 tablespoons balsamic vinegar

Juice from 2 limes

3 tablespoons honey or agave

2 tsp Fish Sauce

1 tsp Tamarind Extract

2 tsp kosher salt

1 teaspoon dried onion

1 tsp chili powder

1/2 tsp cumin

1/2 tsp ground coriander



Combine marinade ingredients in a blender and pulse to a smooth mixture.

Place marinade over pork in a Plastic slip lock bag or container with a lid. Allow the magic to happen for at least 4 hours.

Remove from marinade and spear roast with spit rod. Make sure that you have the one side of tines already attached and just left of the center of the rod. Secure roast with the other set of tines and place onto grill Rotisserie attachment. Make sure to really push the tines into the roast. When it cooks it shrinks and if not secured with the tines they will fall away from and the roast and it will just stay centered not spinning around.

Turn on grill and Rotisserie motor with a pan beneath the roast. Close the lid. Allow 20 minutes per pound. Turn off the Rotisserie motor and check with a meat thermometer for an internal temperature of 160˚F

Carefully remove from spit rod and let it rest for at least 10 minutes before slicing.

I served it with a Pineapple Salsa. This is great sliced thin, placed into a wrap.




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