Garden Fresh Potatoes

If you have been wanted to start a garden, begin with potatoes. You don’t need any special equipment or fertilizers just soil, space and a seed or starter potato.

This year I used IKEA bags and filled them with great soil that I used from my compost bin and a bit of vegetable potting soil. Last year I only used the backyard dirt with a bit of compost.

First harvest

I planted red bliss, baby bliss, baby white, Yukon and sweet.

When selecting growing potatoes,wait until a few eyes grow from your potatoes. Keep in mind that todays retail potatoes are, in many times, scarce of the seed crop. Just be patient and you will find a few. Cut them in quarters to separate the eyes and let them air dry for a day. Place into the soil about 6″ deep and water. They will sprout in a week. Keep covering the growth with more soil.

The bags that I used were originally filled about 8″ deep and then I filled them to about 3/4 the height of the bag.

Start carefully digging in the dirt when you see some flowering. Sometimes the taters just start popping out themselves. I planted in March and crop is ready.

Try to eat them fresh picked. The flavor is sweeter and creamier in my opinion.

I Steamed them for about 8 minutes and then roasted them to just brown, with a touch of lemon, butter, salt and pepper.

Try one before you season it to really get a taste of the freshness.

Happy Gardening!

3 Replies to “Garden Fresh Potatoes”

    1. I should have specified. For larger spuds that is the case. I am greedy and pick the small baby spuds digging around the plant. This is why I am using the bag because it is easy to move around the soil without destroying the plant. Thanks for checking out my blog.

      1. Aha! Got it. I’m working in a chicken wire tower, so it’s possible that I could do that, but I’m a newbie, so I think I’ll wait it out. Yours look so good though. Yum!

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