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Divine Design Center showroom in Boston’s Battery Wharf is a must visit.

I am fortunate enough to be cooking in one of their beautifully designed kitchens, DOCA MUEBLES DE COCINA. In addition to educating their clients and staff on luxury brand appliances, I showcase various cooking techniques offered by Gaggenau.

Surf & Turf for Lunch
If you have ever had a Rotisserie chicken, you know that it is moist and flavorful. Typically this is done on the outdoor grill. The Gaggenau 400 Series 30” Wall oven offers this feature with a simple set up of your food on the included Spit and frame that locks in to the roasting pan. The heat is provided by the upper broil element and can be adjusted for quantity and enhanced with the convection fan.
Thinking beyond chicken I wanted to provide a nice vegetable for lunch so Cauliflower was the choice. Seasoned with tumeric, salt, pepper, allspice and some butter, the crispy exterior provided a nice crunch to the light flavor of the spice accompanied with roasted chic peas and fresh herbs.
The large window of the oven showcases what’s cooking and allows you to easily keep tabs on the progress of your food.
The Steam Convection Oven is my go to oven for many dishes and todays appliance choice for the ‘Surf’ and dessert.
Convection cooks fish perfectly but sometime it may dry it out. Having the addition of steam in the cooking process avoids the dryness without having to swim the fish in butter. Todays Codfish with Pistachio Crust was a hit!
I experimented with a new recipe for Gluten Free Chocolate Butterscotch Banana Cakes. This oven provides the speed with convection and enough moisture so the batter bakes without drying out.
The Gaggenau Vario Grill produces todays ‘Turf ‘dish of cuban style marinated Chicken. The lava rocks under the burner offer a bbq flash of flavor back to the food without smoking out the kitchen. When grilling is done, carefully rinse the warm grates with hot water for an easy cleanup.
Gaggenau appliances offer more than just a pretty face. The precision and cooking options are inspirational to the amateur and seasoned cook.