The Best Way to Reheat Leftovers

I don’t like to Hate anything.

The word Hate produces wasted energy but when I hear “I hate leftovers and just throw them out” it drives me nuts.

Listen, either some chef, a cook, your mom a friend or You went through the trouble of making this food. It cost either You or Someone some money. If it was good, you still had some remaining, went through the effort of bringing it home and placed it in the refrigerator, why not ‘Like’ it?

Back to me rolling my eyes on reheating in a microwave. I know many do this but seriously, the results are terrible and produce the Hate Flavor and Consistency.

Certainly the heat up time is quick since most plates of food average about 3 1/2 minutes but with uneven results.

When food is placed in the refrigerator, it takes a while to bring it down to temperature and in the process it begins to loose some moisture. The dryness only gets worse when using the microwave to heat it up since the microwave heats the remaining moisture, can evaporate it and dry out your food.

Using the Steam or Humidity along with the Convection heat breaks down the cold barrier and introduces enough moisture to ‘refresh’ your food.

In this video below, I reheated grilled chicken in which is famous for being dry the next day when you are trying to heat a quick lunch or dinner.

I placed it in for 8 minutes but it was really ready in about 6. Most dishes take about that long but keep in mind that thicker portions like Lasagna or bone in chicken need a more time.

You can simply place either the food onto the pan that came with your oven or use a oven safe plate on the oven rack. (Check the take away container your food was packed in because many can safely heat in an oven up to 325˚f) Select the Reheat Mode and adjust the temperature if necessary. Steam Convection ovens are preset at 250˚f and can go up to 325˚f. Most food is fine at 250˚f but will just take a few minutes longer. When reheating breads and pizza, set the oven on before you place the food in.

If your oven has a Meat Probe, place it into the food and set to an internal temperature of 165˚f . If you are reheating leftover beef that was cooked to medium rare or medium then set the probe to 140˚f. This takes the guesswork from determine if it is properly heated through.

Video of Reheating Food in a Steam Oven

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