Dinner in under 20 minutes

Broiling is a cooking mode that has been dominated by grilling or bbq.

The problem is that a broiler can set off the smoked alarm, or dry out your food.

Broiling in a steam oven is a feature of the Gaggenau, Thermador and Miele Combi-Steam ovens.

The benefit is, unlike restaurant broiled food, you do not have to add tons of butter or fat to the food while cooking.

The top deck searing can take place with humidity in the oven to help retain moisture without the need of excessive fats.

The wall oven are equipped with internal cooling fans to keep the oven from heating your cabinet along with internally filtering the smoke. This means you are less likely to set off the smoke alarm 😉

In this recipe I simply cooked prepared kebobs at Whole Foods that were already marinated. Whether you purchase prepared food or do the work yourself the benefits of steam in the oven provides moist and crispy results. For an added crispy or grill mark place the rack over the solid pan into the oven on the middle rack and set the oven on Broil with humidity. When the oven is up to temperature (I use 425˚f) place the food on the hot rack to produce grill marks.

Depending on the size of your kebobs it may take longer for thicker portions but keep the rack at the middle level. In this video below I set my timer for 10 minutes but actually turned them over after 8 and cooked for about 3 minutes longer.

Serve over a salad to keep the meal healthy and easy to prepare. Also if you have leftovers, the reheat setting on the Steam oven provides excellent results even a day or two later.

Video Cooking Kebobs in a Steam Oven