Me – I went to culinary school and had a blast. Got out and opened a catering shop in a terrible economy and into my first month of business, the town shut our street down. Not a good way to get walk-in traffic into a store front. Something about having federal funds and wanting to use them before they lose them. We went from having street side parking to none. That was only one of a list of wake up experiences I had my first time as a business owner.

After that financial hit, I traveled a to increase my skills and enjoy myself while doing it. From hotels, to coffee shops, catering companies to corporate food service I finally hit a wall. Corporate food service will do that to you.

A few years back I got involved in the home appliance industry and have been successful   teaching home owners about cooking appliances and how to use them. I get to work in amazing kitchens on great kitchen toys. Thanks for checking out my blog.


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